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Friday, July 26, 2013

Welcome to Best Book and Movie Reviews

I always ask my friends for recommendations as to which book would be nice to read next or which movies are worth watching. Likewise, my friends ask me for suggestions. This is when Best Book and Movie Reviews was born. I thought that it would be nice to have all the books and movies that I would recommend in one place as well as the books and movies that are total waste of time.

I mostly read fiction - fantasy, adventure, chic lit, mystery novels, and paranormal stuff.
I watch pretty much everything.

Aside from the best book and movie reviews, I also included book and movie quotes. These are the memorable lines from books and movies.

In every review, links to the online store where the reviewed book or movie may be bought. Promos, coupons, and even a Best Buy gift card for the book or movie is also included. It is definitely better if you can easily find the book or movie in case you liked it based on the review and would like to purchase it, read or watch it, and add it to your collection. 

Gift certificates, coupons, and discount cards such as a Best Buy gift card will always be well-appreciated. It saves the gift giver time and effort in finding a gift that a specific person would like. It will also be appreciated by the receiver since he or she will be able to purchase any book or movie using the gift card. 

Best Book and Movie Reviews encourages readers' participation. You may post comments on any of my reviews, request for a review, or send a quote that you like. You may send any of these to and I will surely get back to you and will post your favorite quote. You may also want to check us out regularly for contests and promos.

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